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       The Chinese mechanical academy of sciences zhejiang branch was established in 2005, June 25,, is the response of zhejiang province, the provincial government and who Introduction of school courtyard, build the innovation carrier and throughout The call, the hangzhou municipal people's government and the Chinese mechanical science research institute comprehensive technical cooperation agreement signed, the introduction of the Chinese mechanical science research institute and hangzhou mechanical academy of sciences cooperation, to joint-stock form form, the modern enterprise system operation of the scientific research institutions. With non-standard equipment development, surface engineering technology development as the main research direction, with precision forming technology laboratory, laser surface strengthening laboratory, etc. To carry out services including scientific research, achievement promotion, talent training, technical consultation, etc. Have sheet forming, precision stamping, laser surface strengthening, thermal spraying and achievements of the patent more than 30.


       Zhejiang branch has introduced ChenYunBo academician established zhejiang application engineering material research institute, and hangzhou steam turbine group jointly established in machine court & ndash; Hangzhou steam turbine group (hangzhou) joint research institute, the introduction of Germany borussia Dortmund university established hangzhou - borussia Dortmund materials science joint laboratory, also lead joint zhejiang university and provincial electromechanical court build the & who Zhejiang machinery equipment manufacturing technology innovation service platform and throughout .

       This platform is in 2006 10 menstrual approved the establishment of the people's government of zhejiang province, the China machinery science research institute for zhejiang branch lead unit, the zhejiang university, zhejiang institute of mechanical and electrical design construction. Platform built and who A net three station 3 rooms & throughout , namely zhejiang machinery manufacturing technology service network system, the enterprise diagnostic workstation, product quality inspection workstation, talent training workstation, digital control technology laboratory, metal material and heat treatment technology laboratory and precision forming technology laboratory. He is for our province machinery and equipment technology innovation provide scientific basic condition, design major innovation subject and assumes the scientific research task, implementation of scientific and technological achievements promotion, service industry enterprise, exercise of training innovative talents important innovation service carrier.



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